QuoteServer is an online e-commerce tool for 3D printing businesses. It creates and hosts powerful websites for automating online quoting, ordering, document generation, accounting and production management. It allows you to present a world-class professional 3D printing e-commerce site to your customers with minimal hassle and maintenance.

Any business that uses a 3D printer to print customers’ parts would benefit from QuoteServer. These include: 3D printing bureaus, jewelry CAD/CAM service providers, dental laboratories, architectural model makers, hearing aid manufacturers and shared 3D printing resource centers such as university workshops.

From the QuoteServer main page click “Login/Register” and create an account. Specify the website options you want. Use the account management features to configure pricing formulas and shipping options. When your configuration is finished, uncheck the “Development mode” box under Server Settings to make your website live.

QuoteServer can create and deploy websites of the address form: <your-company>.orderspage.com

When a customer checks out an order, the job files and documents will stream to your local computer using the included QuoteClient software. If they pay online, the money will be received into your PayPal account. The order documents will automatically print out on your local default printer. You don’t need to do anything other than manufacture the parts, apply the printed shipping documents to the shipping box, and dispatch.

Customers can upload STL and SLC files to your QuoteServer website for instant quoting, checkout and payment. Customers are notified with automatic emails at key milestones from order receipt through to shipping and tracking.

QuoteServer costs nothing to set-up or maintain. Quotes are generated at no charge. A 1% service fee is charged on the orders your customers place. If you don’t win the order, you don’t pay anything.

QuoteServer is a completely web-based tool that can be accessed and configured from any web browser.

All orders and parts are labelled with unique barcodes in the documentation. This allows you to interact easily with your QuoteServer database using any “wedge” type barcode scanner. With the click of a button you can, for example, update the status of an order or query part information.

QuoteServer also includes real-time currency and commodity feeds for pricing precious metals and currencies accurately; streaming spoken-word feedback for improved efficiency; pre-configured pricing formulas for all the major 3D printers; pre-configured setup for typical add-on services such as metal casting and surface treatment (e.g. painting); STL file error detection; seamless integration with PayPal and FedEx online tools; and more.

QuoteServer is the most advanced e-commerce tool-set ever developed for 3D printing businesses. It puts the smallest business on par with the biggest 3D printing service provider in the quality of their customer interaction. It makes small and large businesses more efficient and improves customer satisfaction. By managing the quoting, ordering and customer interaction it frees your resources to run your business more efficiently. A single person can manage a multi million dollar turnover 3D printing business with QuoteServer.